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Dave & Nikki

Wow. Absolutely amazing. They’re just stunning.

We couldn't have had a better Wedding Proposal shoot thanks to the incomparable Rajesh. From his artistic vision for our shoot to his technical skills to his knowledge of London, Rajesh was absolutely indispensable in capturing the moment.

Also, importantly, I was at ease the entire day thanks to our prior coordination. And the incredible photos clearly reflect the results having a shared vision. Terrific experience.
Pennsylvania, USA

Seth Godin

Just wow.

My expectations were super high, but you have completely and totally demolished them. This is powerful and so professional. Thank you Rajesh.

Seth Godin
New York, USA

Chris & Sandi

Rajesh made my wedding proposal unforgettable.

We felt comfortable with him from the start and could tell he had researched our locations thoroughly beforehand. He was extremely friendly and kind, and was the perfect match for our personalities. If you are ever in London, I can't recommend Rajesh enough! He even cleared people off the busy Green in front of Tower Bridge so the proposal came out just the way I wanted.

And the photo's came out phenomenally! All of our friends love them and remarked at how impressive they are. Seriously, Rajesh Taylor was a better Photographer than we could have hoped for. He gets our highest recommendation and thanks!

Chris D'Arezzo
Boston, USA

Elthea & Mickey

We are very happy and feel best of the best feeling that we meet Rajesh. He is so kind and professional. Honestly, I think he is the best Photographer on this planet!!! He is super nice people and very serious, well communication between Rajesh and us. He is so focus on the shooting work and lead us to achieve each location we pick up.

So many thanks that I don't how to express, it's the best experience of my life and I think I won't forget forever.
Mickey Yu
Taipei, Taiwan

Darren, Michelle & Family

What can we say about the amazing Rajesh?

His passion and love for his craft certainly shows through and he is tireless! Time flew and we didn't notice because we were just having fun and the photos are gorgeous and he was so patient with our little girl. Rajesh definitely went the extra mile.

What a star.
Michelle Trenfield
Brisbane, Australia

Lee Ann & Takumi

Hands down!!!!

Rajesh went well above and beyond his call of duty during our Surprise Proposal and Engagement Photoshoot. I was really stressed out before the planning stages coming all the way from Hawaii and not knowing anything about London. But he ensured I had a plan laid out clearly.

After the proposal at Tower Bridge, we headed to Mayfair. He didn't rush us and gave us time to rest, choosing alternative backdrops of well known spots based on his expert knowledge. Mahalo Nui Loa and hopefully we will cross paths in the near future.
Takumi Abe
Hawaii, USA

Bob & Janie

The ENTIRE experience was beyond expectations.

Rajesh was great to work with, had super ideas, made us comfortable and went well above what we expected. The photos themselves are so good our biggest problem is deciding which to frame and hang!

And I would also suggest taking the time to really dress up. It's more difficult, sure, (and it was my wife's idea) but I have to admit now that it really was worth it.
Robert Gore
Laguna, California USA

Jodie, Sarah & Family

Rajesh is beyond wonderful and amazing. 

Firstly, he dealt with my back and forth stress about the weather and was super flexible with our times and needs. He was also really flexible with our meeting place and dealt with us being a tad late due to London traffic. 

Secondly, he is the nicest person ever and so easy and fun to work with! All of us felt comfortable immediately with him - which says a lot if you knew my camera-shy husband. And I don't know what his magical trick was - but our son was nothing but smiles for him! He worked with us quickly (toddler, pregnant and uncomfortable woman, picture hating husband) and got such quality.

Thirdly, his work speaks for itself. Rajesh these photos are AMAZING! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I would hire him again in a second and highly HIGHLY recommend working with him.
Sarah Groundwater
Vancouver, Canada

Minnie Lee

We're so fortunate to have met Rajesh!

Not only is he crazy talented and a creative photographer, he is also very knowledgeable about the history and pop culture of London. Our time with him was like hanging out with a friend.

He put us at ease immediately, and was professional with giving us recommendations on what to do prior to all his shots. He also had the most interesting stories to share wherever we went, we had so much fun we continued chatting over coffee even after our session was over.

Our photos all turned out amazing, we couldn't have ask for a better wedding anniversary gift. Thank you Rajesh!
Minnie Lee
New York, USA

The Su Family

Thank you, Rajesh, for everything. For the photos, for the entertainment, for your knowledge, for your kindness, and most of all for being so wonderful.
Tiffany Su
Texas, USA

Amrit & Annessa

I can't thank you enough for all your time and effort to make this moment so special for us. You were amazing!

There are not enough words to describe how incredible Rajesh was before, during and after our photoshoot. He made my fiance and I feel very comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation as we are not used to being part of a photoshoot. He went above and beyond by spending hours to ensure that the spot I had planned for the proposal would be set up perfectly. He also had a lot of other options if the first didn't work out.

He's very passionate about photography. It shows in his work and he delivered amazing results. We highly recommend Rajesh to anyone else looking to do a photoshoot in Central London.
Amrit Mahal
Vancouver, Canada

The Thomas Family

He is outstanding!

Knowledgeable of all the best photo moments. He was friendly, patient and excellent with our three kids. He was professional, creative and made our trip amazing. We feel so lucky to have had him!
Amy Thomas
California, USA

Toyah and Jason

We absolutely loved Rajesh and our photographs are AH-mazing! *jazz hands*

He was so detailed in his work and went out of his way to make sure that we were comfortable and that we looked our best and had the best backdrop possible. He knew all the perfect spots and is such a patient person...waiting for the perfect moment to capture. We could not have asked for a better experience!

I'm not a naturally photogenic person but, these photos make me look I am. Rajesh has such a loving spirit and it was so easy to just be "us" with him. Thank you so much for the fun experience and for the quality and attention to your work. We will cherish the photos and the experience always. If you are ever in Austin, you've got a place to crash and someone to show you to the best food and beer gardens that Texas has to offer. *HUGS*
Toyah Beverly
Austin, USA

The Traxler Family

Rajesh did a phenomenal job and made the shoot relaxed and fun while also giving us historical info on the sights. It felt like we also had a built-in tour guide!

He was so patient with our toddler and even managed to coax some amazing smiles out of her! He really has an eye for laying out shots.
Brannon Traxler
Georgia, USA

Princess, Scott & Family

I am so glad that Rajesh was recommended to us. He is just truly a wonderful Photographer and we had some awesome photos!

He was very good with my young 8 year old twins. They were laughing and smiling all the time around him and he made everyone comfortable with the session. He tried to make it as creative as possible and yet very natural as well. My kids thought it was so much fun from St James Park to the gates of Buckingham Palace and all the sites in between.

I highly recommend Rajesh without reservations. An excellent experience with an excellent Photographer.
Princess Bordador
Los Angelas, USA

Team Jessica Bachelorette Party


The first welcome that we received upon arriving in London was Rajesh's phone call to not only welcome our group but to provide insight on having an eventful stay in London. Our photoshoot itself was a breeze. Rajesh made it entertaining, fun, and a historical walk through the streets of London.

We absolutely fell in LOVE with the photos! They turned out exactly as we had imagined they would. Thank you Rajesh for capturing this memory!!!
Jessica Xu
San Francisco, USA

Sammer & Krupali

Rajesh did an amazing job of capturing our proposal moment. The level of detail that he placed within the preparation as well as the execution was phenomenal!

He also did a superb job of making my finance and I fell super comfortable even though we are very camera shy. I would highly recommend anyone in the London area to consider him as their Photographer.
Sameer Patel
New York, USA

Lindsay & Von

Rajesh is an amazing Photographer!

I'm sure asking a Photographer to capture a wedding proposal is intimidating, but Rajesh did a great job. He made us feel extremely comfortable from the beginning and had great ideas for the photo's. He went above and beyond to make sure we received all of the different shots we wanted.

The picture's turned out beautifully and we have been receiving compliments on them ever since. I couldn't have asked for a better Photographer to capture my proposal. 
Chicago, USA

The Cokel Family

Rajesh did a fabulous job with capturing our family trip to London. I was a bit reluctant to schedule a shoot midday at one of the most highly trafficked areas in all of London (Big Ben/Parliament) but Rajesh knew all the angles to avoid the crowds.

He was also extremely patient with our 10 month old daughter as babies are difficult to shoot especially with stimulation from all the city hustle and bustle. He captured special moments with us as a family and also as individuals which was a nice surprise.

As an added bonus we got fun photos of the classic red phone booths. I wasn’t expecting to connect with a photographer in such a short amount of time but Rajesh made it such a fun experience.
Lindsay Cokel
Texas, USA

Heather & Nate

My husband and I are very camera-shy and introverted (him more than me!). But we both wanted to capture the memories of our honeymoon in London. We were nervous to do this, but Rajesh's energy and enthusiasm put us right at ease. He was extremely reassuring and so easy-going that this experience ended up being one of our favourite memories of our trip. Now, we have some AMAZING shots as keepsakes!

I know I wasn't the easiest to work with, changing my mind several times during the planning. Since we'd had a bad experience with our wedding photographer, I was a little neurotic. I decided that I wanted this honeymoon photoshoot to include us in our wedding attire. It was oddly therapeutic. I didn't want it to look like we got married in London. I very much wanted it to be "honeymoon" not "wedding" photos. Rajesh really captured the while vibe I'd envisioned. 

The rest of the shoot took place down the iconic Westminster Bridge in our "street" clothes. My husband's favourite part of the shoot was standing in the middle of the road on the bridge while Rajesh captured us with Big Ben in the background.
Heather Hetzler
Nashville, Tennessee USA

Andrea & Daniel

Our experience was nothing shy of fantastic.

Rajesh, was AMAZING. Funny, warm, passionate and full of energy. His love for what he does translates into his photos. Our pictures are stunning. I will cherish them forever.
Andrea Russ
New York, USA

Ryan & Jess

Our proposal photoshoot with Rajesh could not have been any better.

This was a special moment for us and I cannot imagine anyone doing a better job at capturing it. He did a great job at making us feel comfortable especially in the busy streets of London. As for the pictures every day we choose a new photo as our favorite as the were all simply spectacular.

Rajesh goes above and beyond and even sent us pictures of the proposal location months later as there was now a Christmas tree on the spot! We cannot thank Rajesh enough and would certainly recommend him for any occasion.
Ryan Diterichs
New York, USA

Brittany & Nate

Rajesh was AMAZING!

He went above and beyond and we truly enjoyed our experience with him. By the end of the session he felt like an old friend. He knows London inside and out and is an expert photographer! He is hilarious and full of energy and absolutely the best. We will definitely be back and booking again with Rajesh!
Britanny Preston
Arizona, USA

Team Patricia

We ABSOLUTELY LOVED our experience with Rajesh!

Everything from pre shoot all the way to post shoot - his communication was clear, and on point throughout the entire process! He made us feel so comfortable from the very beginning, was very efficient and bonus - super funny too!

It was like doing a photoshoot with a friend! Also really appreciated all the restaurant and must-do recos! Not to mention his work is STUNNING!

We are printing all our photos into a photo book because they are so beautiful! I highly recommend Raj!
Patricia Eugenio
New York, USA

Campaign Monitor

These are incredible. I love them all so much.

I was going through them with the team today and they were totally thrilled. Thank you so much Rajesh. You have been truly wonderful.
Ros Hodgekiss
Campaign Monitor

Kristin and Friends

We had the best day with Rajesh!

He went out of the way to tell us stories and show us some places we didn't know about (and I've been to London many times and studied abroad here). He did a great job of putting everyone at ease in front of the camera and directing the poses for the best photos. I will absolutely book him again!
Kristin Contino
Philadelphia, USA

David, Nicole & Family

Rajesh was wonderful. He put the entire family at ease with his laid-back professional style.

Such a treat to get photos that are so professional and gorgeous an include ALL of us! He was excellent about communicating the set up and when it came time to shoot he had loads of great ideas. We couldn't be more thrilled with the photos.
Nicole Feliciano
New York, USA

Alex & Caitlin

Alex and I are from Oklahoma City, USA and found ourselves in need of a Photographer in London after we decided to elope. I was nervous about hiring someone overseas. But Rajesh's portfolio made it an easy decision. I reached out to him and got a prompt and super helpful email back. We had a Skype call a week later, but the decision had already been made. We had to have Rajesh shoot our Wedding Elopement.

Over the following weeks, Rajesh made it so easy and stress-free. I would consider myself a very organised person, but Rajesh's pre-shoot planning put me to shame. It felt super exciting as we were planning this from across the Ocean too! 

He listened to every detail and wish that we had, and he made it happen tenfold. Not only was he our Photographer, he liaised with McQueen's, placing the order for our wedding bouquet. He also worked with our Officiant and scouted our ceremony location at Westminster for us. 

And the photo's are AMAZING! He told our story so eloquently. I'm so thankful I have them to show our friends and family who were not with us. His skill is completely evident in the portfolio he presented to us. I would absolutely hire Rajesh again.
Caitlin Buss
Oklahoma, USA

The Kirkpatrick & Wilson Families

Rajesh was truly one of the best photographers I've ever worked with.

He was so kind, patient, personable and talented. I cannot recommend him enough and will definitely rebook him for our next trip to the UK!
Kaleigh Kirkpatrick
Texas, USA

Yushin & William

Having Raj as our Photographer was a wonderful experience. We are very lucky to get our photoshoot on a nice sunny day in London. With Raj's professional attitude we were easily smiling in front of the camera naturally.

I work as a Graphic Designer, I adore everything about art, design and photography. I can see from the exquisite lighting and scenery how much work Raj puts in to deliver such high standard, brilliant photoshoots. Thank you Raj for the amazing photos, it gives me and William the most perfect wedding blessing.


我的工作是平面設計師 ; 我熱愛藝術設計與攝影作品,從Raj拍攝的每一張照片的細膩度、光線景致都能看出Raj對於他作品的高要求, 才能照出令人驚豔的完美照片!

謝謝Raj拍攝的照片! 這是給我與威廉一份最完美的結婚祝福

Yushin Lo
Taipei, Taiwan

Michael & Lyndsay

Planning the perfect proposal can be overwhelming. Rajesh made the whole process less stressful in order for me to focus on the person that matters the most, my fiancé.

Rajesh is an awesome Photographer and professional to work with. He brought his unique creativity and comfortability with him that allowed both Lyndsay and I to have an unforgettable experience. I highly recommend Rajesh for stressful wedding proposal shoots. 
Michael Evans
Texas, Houston USA

Jamie & Jared

We love, Love, loved Rajesh! We couldn’t have asked for a better Photographer. He was early to our appointment, had his route mapped out, listened to our concerns, and made us feel comfortable and at ease. If we saw an area that we liked, or had a thought for a photo that wasn’t on his radar he was so accommodating and happy to deviate to honour our wishes.

When we got our photos back we were blown away with the quality. I cannot say enough good things about our time with him. We only wished we would have booked a longer shoot!
Jamie Rolland
Des Moines, Iowa, USA

John, Priya & Family

Thank you Rajesh, for such an enjoyable experience! You did a wonderful job of putting us at ease and being able to take the photographs in the middle of large crowds, heavy traffic and strong winds. 

You also patiently worked with us with a special request we had in recapturing a memory from a picture taken over forty years ago in the exact same spot. Thank you for taking the trouble to edit it so as to match with the original!

We are thrilled with the end result! the pictures are beautiful. Thank you again, we are so glad we made use of this opportunity to do a family photo shoot while on vacation in London.
The Philip Family
Dallas, Texas

Mabel & Family

Rajesh did an awesome job! He is really dedicated to getting the perfect shot despite our problems (London weather and kids). He put me at ease when we set up a plan to work with the rain.

My youngest wasn't cooperating, but we got quite a few smiling pics and everything looks way better than I thought. He was patient and easy to work with. I love his service!
Mabel Kimball
Palo Alto, California USA

Caleb & Cindy

I'm so glad we found Rajesh to take our wedding pictures in England. Rajesh is really kind, friendly and professional. He carefully ensured the wedding process before taking all the pictures. He took us to many beautiful spots. The whole experience was wonderful, he taught us how to pose beautifully and alter the body position. He arranged my wedding dress in person and I can't tell how much effort he put in the photography.

When we finished, I thought 'they must be a series of beautiful pics'. I couldn't wait to see them back in Taiwan! When I did, all the memories suddenly came back, I can't describe how lucky am I to choose Rajesh. The composition is nature, simple and warm, it's totally what I wanted.

All my friends like it and think it's so worthy, and my husband also thinks Rajesh made him look more handsome! They are beautiful memories which I will keep forever. Thank you Rajesh.

真的很開心能夠找到 Rajesh來幫我們拍攝在英國的婚紗, Rajesh人非常好,拍攝前也會先溝通好你想要的感覺,在選擇地點時,他也會給建議告訴那邊有秘密景點,在拍攝的過程中,也教我們擺許多姿勢,角度,甚至幫我調整裙擺。
這是一輩子的回憶,謝謝 Rajesh.
Cindy Chen
Taipei, Taiwan

Sylvia Collela

My Photographer in London Rajesh was a dream to work with.

He has a great sense of humour (necessary when shooting for extended periods of time), is terrific at cueing shots and was a total perfectionist when it came to getting them right. As a Stylist and Blogger, I was looking for a very specific, editorial approach to the shoot and he captured it perfectly. I would highly recommend him to any one looking for a Photographer with an eye for fashion. 
Sylvia Collela
Washington DC, USA

Kathlene & Peter

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding still. Rajesh was able to capture moments of love that we often feel but don't always show. He was professional, took his time and even went above what was expected of him. 

He is truly amazing.
Kathlene Bumanglag
Brisbane, Australia

Christina, Damion & Family

We all adored Rajesh!

He is one of those people who you feel instantly connected to and want to keep in touch with. He was engaging with our children, put everyone at ease with his friendliness and humour and really made the shoot FUN!

And Rajesh is so very talented. Creative in his shots and didn't rush the session at all. The images he delivered are simply priceless and the best souvenir I will treasure for years to come. I cannot recommend Rajesh highly enough!
Christina Boyce
Florida, USA

Winnie Kao

Rajesh, I just finished looking at the photos and they are incredible. Huge thank you for all that you do. 
Winnie Kao
New York, USA

Brian & Venus

Rajesh was absolutely wonderful from start to finish!

He was so enthusiastic, kind, welcoming and made everyone feel extra comfortable. His level of professionalism and care is top notch. I would recommend him to friends and would love to shoot with him again. Thank you for capturing Brian's birthday and Carolyn's Mother's Day surprise.

What an absolute treasure to have these photos as keepsakes.
Venus Faas
Los Angelas, USA

Amanda & Philip

The photos came out beautifully and I want to you to know how thankful I am!

Rajesh was amazing to work with and I'm so happy we got the opportunity to meet him. He was able to capture our favourite spots in London and my husbands smile, which can be hard to find behind the lens!
Amanda DiBuono
Boston, USA

Patti Hart & Family

Thank you Rajesh for a wonderful experience and gorgeous photos documenting our family time in London. He connected with the teens and was entertaining, keeping everyone smiling. Capturing the multiple personalities of our family.

He was thoughtful and responsive to our requests, he took our ideas and made them remarkable.
Patti Hart
London, UK

Zain & Kenza

We are so happy with our pictures! They came out better than we could've imagined.

The whole process went so smoothly on our special day and keeping it a surprise until the end went according to plan thanks to the amazing prep work before the surprise shoot. Rajesh was an amazing photographer, we are both pretty camera-shy but he made us feel very comfortable from start to end.

He had lots of tips for things to do around the area which I appreciated since I'm not from London. 10 stars for Rajesh for taking amazing pictures and making us feel so comfortable throughout the shoot!
Zain Javed
New York, USA

Ellen-Blair Chube

Rajesh was absolutely fantastic! Went above and beyond to pick good spots and the photos turned out INCREDIBLE.
Ellen-Blair Chube
Chicago, USA

Tien-An and Son

We had a wonderful experience with Raj!! From the first communication, his enthusiasm was palpable.

He was so accommodating about specific requests, and had a route well mapped out with lots of fun spots. He was also great with my inattentive 5 year old.

We are so happy with the photos and will cherish these memories of our time in London for many years to come!

Tien-An Yang
San Francisco, USA

The Weinstein Family

Raj was brilliant.

He took really good care of our family. We were all so comfortable with him. The final product is beyond words. Truly a professional. You will not regret booking with Rajesh. I will be telling everyone about him.
Shannon Weinstein
Miami, USA

Christina Newcombe & Family

We had a wonderful time taking family photos with Rajesh.

Not only are we happy with the end product, but we appreciated all of his efforts in scoping out ideal spots in Regents Park prior and making us feel comfortable and giving us great guidance (which we needed). He was very patient and did a great job of getting all of our priority shots and more. I would highly recommend Rajesh to anyone else!
Christina Newcombe
Victoria, Canada

Summer & Ryan

Rajesh was amazing to work with! We felt like we were friends the moment we met him.

On top of this, he went above and beyond to make sure we got the photos we wanted. We will cherish these photos forever! This was our first London experience together, and thanks to Rajesh, we'll definitely be repeat customers!
Summer Hasan
Kansas, USA

Derick & Linda

Rajesh was amazing!!! He was able to capture the perfect shots that we were seeking.
Derick Boochoon
Ottawa, Canada

Anne Moore & Family

My family has hired photographers all over the world and Rajesh is the absolute best we have ever had the pleasure of working with - I cannot recommend him enough.

His photos are flawless, his attention to details during the shoot shines through in the final images. I will cherish the photos he took of us in London! He captured everything we wanted and more - do not hesitate, book Rajesh!
Anne Moore
Tampa, USA

Jamie & Jared

I wanted to take a moment to write and thank you for the WONDERFUL job you did on our photographs. You knocked it out of the ballpark.

We especially loved the way you told our story – from hopping off the Underground, to strolling the streets of Notting Hill and Kensington, to walking off hand in hand, all beautifully presented.

Your passion for photography clearly shows in the finished folio and we can’t thank you enough. We are already planning our next London vacation and would love to make you a part of it. Keep up the wonderful work!
Jared Locke
Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Kelly, Brian and Baby Colin

THANK YOU!!! We absolutely love our photos and can't wait to fill our home with them.

We constantly come home from traveling without photos of all of us together. You went above and beyond and we are so thankful. Thank you so much!!
Kelly Shanedling
Monterey, USA 

Lauren Auciello & Family

We had such a fun time shooting in London with Rajesh and love our photo memories!

London at Christmas is so busy and he went to great lengths to ensure the route we took would be suitable for great pictures. He was so personable and easy going which made everyone so comfortable that the time just flew by.

Having two small children with us made me a bit nervous, as they can be unpredictable but Rajesh captured them beautifully and we have some really nice keepsakes from our first family trip across the pond.
Lauren Auciello
Victoria, Canada

Francis & Elena

My fiancee and I so very happy about our photoshoot experience!

It was such a pleasure to have him as our Photographer. Rajesh is such a nice guy and he is very enthusiastic about his photography. We had a wonderful afternoon exploring London together and creating amazing photos.

Thank you so much Rajesh.
Francis Chan
Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China


These are great!

Rajesh did an amazing job with tricky lighting and the many distractions of a busy environment. He is the real deal, going above and beyond to make sure he captures the best photos possible.

If you get a chance I’d recommend working with him, he’s a consummate professional with a genuine passion for his craft.
John Hargan

Mary Ann & Steve

Love them!

Raj made the experience really fun. We connected with him immediately and it felt like walking around London with a friend. His knowledge of London allowed us to have less traditional backgrounds for our shots and that resulted in a greater variety for our photos.

We would definitely do this again and would definitely hire Raj to be our photographer.
Mary Ann Higgs
San Francisco, USA

The DeFee Family

Rajesh was amazing with our large group. He was patient and kind, and great with giving direction to everyone to ensure the shoot went smoothly. He was so knowledgeable, and showed us parts of London we would have never known about.

Our entire family enjoyed the afternoon, and the pictures came out beautifully!
Kelly DeFee
Surrey, England

Areti & Family

Rajesh was just great!

So friendly and kind and helped us take the most amazing pictures!
Areti Petrou
Santorini, Cyprus

Estrella & Matthew

Rajesh was an amazing Photographer and so helpful in my time of need!

I came to London on a trip with my now fiancé with the idea of surprising her in front of Buckingham Palace and asking her to marry me. Once Rajesh had an idea at what I was aiming for, he gave his expert advice which made this special moment even more magical. He came up with the brilliant idea of disguising the proposal photo shoot as just a regular vacation shoot. It was also thanks to his extensive knowledge with doing shoots in London over the years to actually be farther back from Buckingham Palace so that it could be a more intimate moment between the two of us.

He suggested we start out with the usual touristy areas and then move to more private ones where he would subtly signal to me, so if I wanted, I could pop the question. He took us to spectacular spots, getting amazing photos whilst still being very discreet. It was towards the end of the shoot where he used his rapport with local security to get us into the middle of The Mall, which had been blocked off for an earlier State event. He gave me the signal and I turned to my fiancé and asked the important question.

The photos from that moment are amazing. The angles that Rajesh was able to get with Buckingham Palace off in the distance during our magical moment.

After the shoot, he took us on a personal tour around London to some of more upscale areas in Mayfair, all the while telling about some of the districts' history. He chaperoned us to an amazing Italian restaurant and made sure we got a table before saying goodbye. I have been talking about our proposal and Rajesh over and over again since I got home and everything that he did for us! He made our moment magical. If you're ever in London and need a Photographer with great knowledge of London and an all around great human being, choose Rajesh!
Matthew Gaggioli
New York, USA

Regina & Vern

The pictures are breathtaking, they make me smile so much!

Rajesh is an amazing Photographer. He is very organised, friendly, creative and funny! It was such a very pleasant day. We are so grateful that we found Rajesh! I feel nobody could have done a better job.

We also couldn’t have found hidden places in London without his help. Thank you so much, Rajesh. I am sure you will continue capturing special moments of our lives.
Regina Matias
Salvador, Brazil

Mariene & Family

Rajesh was amazing!

Not only was he a true professional, he was a joy to work with. Making us feel completely at ease and at the same time told us a little about London history while taking amazing photos!
Mariene Calvet
Miami, USA

Hope & Family

Rajesh was wonderful!

From the first contact, he was so kind, making sure we knew where to meet up, suggesting the best route and even suggesting other ideas for dining and sightseeing in London during our trip. He captured the fun of our family vacation with our 2 teenage daughters perfectly and was great about stopping for impromptu shots that appealed to us as we were walking down the street.

I can’t recommend him more highly!
Hope Carmichael
North Carolina, USA

Pasha & Andrew

Spending time with Raj was one of the most enjoyable days we had in London.

The tiny details he knows about London and the fun adventure he took us on made the day so memorable. His love for his hometown was quite apparent and just made our time together even better. I would recommend him to everyone I know!
Pasha Accardi
Los Angeles, USA

Jaime & Nate

Rajesh was great!

He took us to beautiful, versatile locations, without making us walk too far and was conscious of where I had to walk in heels - very thoughtful. Not only was he full of great posing ideas but he was also incredibly friendly and personable. We laughed with him a lot! We enjoyed the little bits of London history he gave us too.

I am so happy, he encouraged us to be a part of the creative process asking for input about what we liked and what we wanted to include in our photos. He made sure our individual personalities and mother-son relationship came though in each photo.

Thank you so much, Rajesh. It was a pleasure and I’m glad our time with you became part of our trip. These photos are definitely our greatest London souvenir!
Jaime Grant
Chicago, USA

Angelique & Steven

Rajesh was amazing!

He really went the extra mile to make sure that our pictures came out great. He is a very talented photographer and we had a good time chatting with him during the shoot.

Excellent experience.
Angelique Mathews
Texas, USA

Elaine Courtney

From reaching out to the conclusion of my shoot, Rajesh was extremely responsive and professional - not to mention a brilliant Photographer as well, which is amply evident in his work.

His recommendations for locations, adaptability at changing situations and light conditions, as well as general ability to engage with his photography subject were far more developed and nuanced than your typical Photographer.

Not only was he an absolute gem to work with, he is a lovely human being.
Woman of Taste
San Francisco, USA

Julie, Travis & Baby Travis Jr.

Raj was absolutely amazing!

I’m so glad he was available for our Christmas shoot in Central London. He was very good with my son and making him (and me!) feel comfortable in front of the camera. And he gave us a history tour as well! :) We will definitely hire him again for our summer photos!
Julie Brantley
Texas, USA

The Obabkov Family

Rajesh did an amazing job. He was so personable and engaging, all while leading us to the perfect locations for the perfect shots.

We are so pleased with our photos and thrilled we have these wonderful memories with the kids and grandparents to cherish a lifetime.
Angela Obabkov
Dallas, USA

Casie & Sean

Raj!! We looked back at our photos last night and we’re so incredibly happy. I just can’t stop looking at them!

I want to let you know how much we appreciate you spending your day with us, sharing your love of London and going above and beyond. It meant the world to us and was the highlight of our trip being taken to some very special places. As a Photographer myself, sometimes it’s awkward being in front of the camera or "releasing" control. With you, I never once experienced that as the second we met, we felt like old friends.

He is an AMAZING Photographer who worked quickly, getting the right shots with a variety of backgrounds. We laughed, told stories and throughout the session Raj also shared recommendations and tips about London. We trusted him to capture our personalities - he did all that and more! He knew just what to say, how to pose us so that it seemed natural and is a true STORYTELLER which makes his talent for photography so much more powerful.

These will truly be photos we'll cherish for the rest of our lives. We will be telling EVERYONE who visits London about Raj. And the next time you’re in Florida, the steaks are on 100% on us. We simply won’t take no for an answer!!
Casie Shaminsky
Sebastian, Florida, USA

Jennie, Luke & Family

Rajesh was amazing and we would highly recommend him.

He took his time to make sure he got all the shots we would want. He was very knowledgeable about the area we were in and knew lots of great spots off the beaten path. He was very patient with our 2 young boys and made us feel very comfortable.

It was a great experience all around. We love our family pictures. Thank you so much Rajesh!
Jennie Ross
Ontario, Canada

The Meredith Family

We thoroughly enjoyed our photo shoot with Rajesh!

He has a great personality and made my family feel comfortable from the start. He knew all the best spots to get great shots and was very patient with my family. Thank you for an amazing experience in London and even better photographs! We highly recommend Rajesh!
Courtney Meredith
Arizona, USA

The Ebrahim Family

I’d totally recommend Rajesh especially when taking photo with a toddler.

He made our session with my 3 year daughter so fun and easy and the end results were amazing.
Hissa Abrahim

Julian & Friends

Rajesh was fantastic!

He knew the local area well and took us to many great places for our photos. He took the time to set up a perfect shot with 6 of us with a passing London Bus in the background... it took a while to get this just right, but it was worth the wait.

It's our favourite picture from our trip!
Julian Allen
Atlanta, USA

The Scott Family

Raj was absolutely fantastic!!

He made us all feel so comfortable – as if we had known him forever! He is wonderfully artistic and talented and we couldn't be more thrilled with the best - lifelong - souvenir of our trip to London!!
Stephanie Scott
Houston, USA

The Snelling Family

Rajesh was so patient and kind with our 1 year old. He did whatever it took to make him smile and look in the camera.

He is excellent with kids!!
Brian Snelling
Miami, USA

The Heyer Family

This was our first family vacation photo shoot so we didn't know what to think. We were very impressed with the early communication with had with Rajesh when planning our session.

We loved his familiarity with London and good places to take iconic pictures which is what we wanted. He gave us extremely detailed instructions of where to meet and he was right on time. From our very first photo he was very knowledgeable about London and photography, even pointing out an area where earlier in the week they shot a scene from the upcoming James Bond movie. He even offered to take some photos of us in that area.

Rajesh was very professional and had all of the spots researched ahead of time in order to maximise our time together. We couldn't have imagined a more perfect photography session in London. If we are ever back in London we would definitely use Rajesh again on another trip.
Ashley Heyer
Seattle, USA

Robert & Ashley

Rajesh was wonderful.

It was very clear that he wanted this to be an experience that we will always cherish. He was passionate, creative and professional. We had a wonderful time and lucky to have booked him!
Robert O'Meara
Washington, USA

The Gaspard Family

Rajesh was excellent!

He was very easy to work with and communicate with. He really went out of his way to get us so many great photos. He knew the area and was a true professional and went above and beyond.

We have pictures we will treasure forever!
Sedona Gaspard
Texas, USA

Adina & Matthew

Rajesh is truly an amazing photographer. He is such a great and fun person to be around while doing the shoot.

He has an unbelievable amount of knowledge in photography and you can see it in the results. We had the best time and we were laughing the entire time. It didn’t feel like a photoshoot rather it felt like a couple of friends taking cool, fun pictures. The photos themselves say it all. They were so beautiful and better than any other pictures that we’ve taken with any other photographer ever. We LOVE them!!!

Rajesh gave us great knowledge on London as well and really enhanced our experience there. We will surely use him again in the future and we would recommend him to anyone looking for a great photoshoot as well as a great experience doing it.
Matthew Cohen
New York, USA

The Klies Family

Raj was fantastic.

He was kind and got to work quickly taking photos. He had scouted the area before we got there so he had a good idea of various places to take us to get the best shots. My son enjoyed his time and Raj was really good with him. We love our photos!
Rebecca Klies
Chicago, USA

The Sciorilli Family

Raj was AMAZING to work with.

The day before our scheduled photo shoot, the forecast changed to 100% chance of rain for the entire day. Raj reached out to us to reschedule but we didn't have any other time that would work so he dropped everything and raced across London to do the shoot that afternoon.

Once we connected, he worked hard to make sure everyone was relaxed and having fun. He made it easy and the photos are great!
Lisa Sciorilli
Texas, USA

The Asbell Family

Rajesh was amazing! We have a very shy daughter, and he did a great job of bringing her out of her shell. He went above and beyond, and the photos are amazing!
Krista Asbell
Alabama, USA

The Armada Family

Rajesh was simply an amazing photographer.

Extremely knowledgeable of the best spots to take family photos around central London and had a lot of great ideas for the shoot. Very friendly and our whole family thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Will definitely use him again next time we're in London.
Manuel Armada
Miami, USA

The Lewis Family

Raj was outstanding!

He kept the pace going quickly enough that the kids didn’t get bored, but he still gave enough direction to make sure we all looked good. We got a ton of great shots in a short 30 minute session, and the photos turned out amazing. We would book him again!
Katie Lewis
Tennessee, USA

Angelo Agojo

Raj was a delight to work with!

He's very easy to communicate with and made me feel at ease during the whole shoot. Such good energy! He made sure I got the shots that I wanted and the photos came out fantastic. Definitely recommend him!
Angelo Agojo
New York, USA

The McGarva Family

Rajesh was so kind, thoughtful, and fun.

We couldn’t be happier with our family photos at Tower Bridge and St. Katherine Docks. Rajesh has a wonderful eye for capturing incredible backgrounds and beautiful portraits. He completely put my family at ease and made our shoot a fun adventure. Thank you so very much!
Larissa McGarva
San Francisco, USA

Bethany & Jamie

We had the best experience with Rajesh.

Not only did he take amazing photographs, he also showed us parts of London we probably would have missed. You get a personal tour along with beautiful photos and memories.
Bethany Earle

The Morse Family

Rajesh was absolutely incredible!

He was so patient with my high-energy family, coercing them to participate and look adorable. He kept everything moving and had a wonderful eye for location.

I love his photography style and love very single one of the photos he took of us.
Alix Morse
Boston, USA

The Reddish Family

Rajesh was great! Really put in the work to get good shots and knew how to clear out the competition on site!
Matthew Reddish
Alabama, USA

Michael & Jessica


These are AMAZING!! Truly Truly appreciate you doing these for us. 

Michael Gebben
Chicago, USA