Rajesh Taylor | Mayfair & St James's of London Family Photographer Rajesh Taylor | Mayfair & St James's of London Family Photographer


Develop your photography skill sets and build your portfolio. One-to-one studio or outdoor mentoring days are £550Bookings available from 17th June 2019. 

The studio is a short distance away from Canary Wharf Station.

Studio based training.

Part One:

  • Learning to shoot in manual mode. Learning aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
  • Try out different lenses for portraits tests.
  • Setting up lights, introduction to range of light modifiers such as umbrellas, soft boxes, boom extensions, grids and which ones to use for different scenarios.
  • How to prepare and use studio equipment for outdoor shooting, gaining permits and model & location release forms.

Part Two:

  • Shooting with natural light and window light with model.
  • Shooting with softboxes, grids and learning how to control amount of light output from strobes and camera setting.
  • Tethered shooting test so you can see images uploading instantly on laptop/PC.

1pm: (45 min break for lunch)

Part Three:

  • Shooting with more than one studio light i.e. rim light, overhead lighting and 3 light method.
  • Learning how and where to learn parts of the face, fabric of clothes.
  • Learning what type of lighting setups are for beauty, portrait and composite work.
  • Using V-Flats and incorporating natural light and studio lighting together.

Part Four:

  • Edit a naturally lit and studio portrait image that you have taken from the day.

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