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Field Notes

June 19th, 2017

London Gatwick South Terminal

From inside British Airways’ new Club World Lounge. Part of a £400M investment to giving long haul passengers a new first class experience.

With plentiful natural light, charging sockets and freshly prepared cup’s of English tea. The re-designed layout elevates pre-departure into an experience. Oversized clean windows, trendy furniture and views of the runway add to the excitement of an upcoming trip.

Then someone forgets to check the back up power supply,  the I.T. system falls down and all hell breaks loose. 

1 x back-up power supply (with quarterly maintenance and 24 hour call out): £3,250 +VAT. 

Legal bill for BA: £100M.

This book is only £7 on Amazon. British Airways may want to add it to their boards reading list. Thankfully, I’d flown out for Dave and Nikki’s wedding two days earlier.